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Hong Kong Jiajia group is an enterprise specializing in the production of spices for kitchen food. Salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar and various spices are evenly mixed to make various seasoning bags, which makes cooking in family kitchen simple.

Spices production prcoess includes feeding, batching, conveying, mixing, supporting platform and packaging. The contacting parts’ materials are all made of SUS304 stainless-steel, meeting the sanitary requirements.

Konmix enterprise adopts the way of circulatory conveying and dynamic distribution to keep the mixed materials in a dynamic state, which solves the problem that customers have not been able to produce smoothly for more than ten years at one time.

Because the production process of condiments will add the edible oil, and after mixing evenly, the spice becomes moist and sticky, and also it is easy to clog the bridge both in conveying and distributing. By our present equipment, this problem has successfully solved.

Our equipment is very convenient to operate, and performance is very stable.

Customer Industry: Food additive industry Region: Guangdong Province Project Name: 5000 tons/year food spices project.