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Happy new year !

Author:admin │ Published:2020-12-30 

When the bell rang out in the night time, we ushered in a hopeful 2021. On this festival occasion,Shanghai Konmix Equipment Technology companys' staff wish both new and old customers to have a wonderful new year, all dreams come true, 

work smoothly, and with a happy family!

In the past year, we experienced so much trials and hardships, it is because of your support and trust, we can get these results.

In the coming 2021, we sincerely look forward to further cooperation with you, create a harvest of 2021.

We will be more efforts and more progressive, we believe that our efforts will create a different sky.
Finally, wish you happy new year,success in work and physical health .

Best wishes.

Shanghai Konmix Mech. & Ele.Equipment Technology Company.