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More and more customers choice cost minimization of the entire product life cycle as an first investment, and consider

daily operating cost, after-sales service, energy consumption and maintenance together. Konmix always sticks to provide

users with comprehensive technical support and service.

Our service system includes follows:

Pre-sale Service

Our service team has a number of excellent pre-sales engineers, they are professional in the chemical machinery field with

many years technical work background.Concurrently, we offer small scale laboratory testing of different materials to

meet your needs.

Experimental data obtained can be used as a reference to your big production equipment. Our pre-sales service team in

the device applications accumulated a wealth of experience and data. We believe you will get economic, efficient and

environmental production equipment configuration.

Sales Service

Before signing the contract, our engineer will make detailed design drawing for customer, enable customer to have more

detailed understanding.We implement the project manager responsibility system, after signing the contract, the project

manager to provide customers with detailed, real, accurate information on various types of technology, such technical

information to facilitate customer equipment installation and construction process, the progress of the project for effective supervision. Actively cooperate with the users overall progress, subject to the customers overall project schedule, within the

period stipulated in the contract on quality, quantity to complete the equipment installation, commissioning work, the submission

of user acceptance.

After-sale Service

- In guarantee period's after-service:

1. 24-hour hotline service, our professional engineers will answer customers' question after receiving their information,

and the immediate solution would be done. If can’t solve timely, it will be transferred to higher authority to obtain technical

support, but promise client to clear solution in the shortest time.

2. If the telephone communication can not solve, then give solving schedule to users. And designate technician to

arrive customers' site. Technician will not come back until solve the problem.

3. In warranty period, we implement the free recall repair service (except by manual man-made damage).

4. When need to replace parts due to machine’s malfunction, we promise free of charge for replacement.

5. Free upgrade service: Along with constant innovation of our products, we can provide upgrade for your previous

purchase models, and only charges the basic cost.

- After guarantee time's service:

1. Circuit maintenance: we implement circuit maintenance service for after-guarantee products. Our engineers will periodically remind you of returning visit to solve your production problems, eliminate the inconvenience.

2. If there are new similar products,we will inform users too. And if they need, we will help them to upgrade their original equipment.

3. We have a strong spare parts warehouse. When customer purchases this model, all its accessories can be bought for

many years from the market or our company.

4. We will set up a complete equipment and technology files for each customer, including: design drawings document,

equipment specifications, parts diagram, plant record, maintenance record, so that customers can continue to track the

original technology data after using many years.

Hotline For After Service & Maintenance

Tel: +86-21-60546110

Fax: +86-21-60917671