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Our company since its establishment has consistently advocated the humanized management. Our human resources work always 

adhere to the"people-oriented" as talent concept.

We provide each employee wide development space,let them feel competition,and enable them to convert the pressure to power.

So that improve their activity and work enthusiasm.

We change the traditional unequal relationship between company and employees. We think that everyone is talent.

Their success is company's largest success." Company's development joints with employee ".

We insist on good treatment to retain talent,and establish incentive system. And also we try to creat best environment for

each employee.Through establishment of a special contribution award on technology innovation, we mobilize enthusiasm

of all talents, and also develop themselves.

We advocate corporation culture to retain talent, and continue to strengthen internal affinity &
cohesion in their daily lives.

With emotional atmosphere for employee to create good conditions. First-class talented person is the basis for building a

good company, we welcome all elite-minded people to join our work!

1. Job Type : Mechanical Engineer ( 2 person )


a. Responsible for design and development of mechanical machines.

b. Collected technology and process parameters from the customers and market.

c. Skilled of mechanical drawing software, with an open mind to R&D new products.

d. Track manufacturing newly developed products, and in charge of testing process.

e. Plan, manage and give technical support to customer's project.

Position Requirements:

a. Associate degree or above.

b. Major course in mechanical design.

c. With experience of equipment design for more than two years.

d. Master official software(Inventor, CAD, Solidworks, Pro/E,--- etc).

e. Can communicate with foreign customers by simple English.

f. With good team spirits, and independent development capabilities.

2. Job Type : Electrical Engineer ( 2 person )


a. Responsible for chemical equipment' electrical principle drawings, components selection,--- etc.

b. Design&confirm electrical control cabinet.

c. Design electrical control system of project .

d. Debug the electrical control system of production line

Position Requirement:

a. Bachelor degree or equal.

b. Major in electrical, automation control or related administration.

c. With at least two years work experience in the system project or other electrical equipment experience.

d. With English reading and writing skills, can communicate with foreign customers.

e. With good team spirits,and innovation spirits of challenge.

f. If familiar with the electrical components supplier will be better.