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Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

Author:admin │ Published:2022-05-27 

Poetry for celebration the Dragon Boat Festival -
Dragon Boat Festival with the wind and rain, the children are still wearing beautiful clothes.
Invite affection heavy carry demoiselle, dare deep love for mud cottage.
With one heart and one soul, enjoy the fine wine and nice view,
That past years' feet fish is not as fragrant as today's bean-curd!

Green palm leaves wrapped in thick affection, fragrance of glutinous rice sending out melting thoughts, red jujube brewing pure memorial, warm dragon boat cruising continuous memory, Dragon Boat Festival arrived, wish you in this festival full of cultural atmosphere, taste delicious palm, feel Chinese summer culture.

In order to celebrate the festival of joy, peace and peace, the Dragon Boat Festival in 2022 will have a short holidays from June 3 to June 6, 2022.

Konmix company wishes all employees a healthy & Happy Dragon Boat Festival!