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Guideline for option of ribbon mixer

Author:admin │ Published:2022-05-30 

The Ribbon Mixer is also called - Ribbon Blender, it is a popular powder mixing equipment.
The below are some suggestions of how to operate this machine.

1. Select suitable model according to output. For each batch, the materials mixing time is approximately 15 minutes, with the materials feeding time, each batch processing is 20minutes. Users can calculate their capacity and choose the matched model.

2. According to the work principle, the double spirals are in opposite direction push materials is same. The inner spiral with the pitch is less tha outer spiral belt, consider the ability to push material should
be same, so its width is bigger than outer spiral belts. This point should be noticed when choice the blender.

3. Usually  ribbon/spiral workhead to shell's distance is 4 mm to 10 mm. However some particle size materials' friction force is not the same, so the various components'mixture time are different and result in heterogeneity. Now some supplier have realized this point, they pay attention to the precision machining to reduce the distance below 3 mm; another way is to make the shaft between shell in the form of adjustable position. In choosing mixer, this form is the best option.

4. Not on side discharging,notice the discharging ways&valve.Shortest time discharging can keep uniformity. If by side discharging, firstly it will waste time and reduce efficiency; secondly the materials have reached best mixture status, excessive mixing  will undermine uniformity, thus losing the meaning of mixing.

In a word, properly operate a good horizontal mixer will significantly improve users'production process.