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Name: Lab 3-Roll Mill (ceramic roller type)

Category: Lab three roll mill

Model: KM-S65

Feature: With small scale capacity grinding, for high viscous materials. Roller is made of wear-resistant ceramic material



Lab 3-roll mill is widely used for printing inks, pigment, plastics and chocolate' grinding trials.

This model's roller is made of zirconia ceramic material.

It is especially for high viscosity and high fine products. The three rollers squeeze materials by different speed so as to

get good result.

All the gears are dipped inside lubricant which will prolong the machine life to maximum limit, reduce noise and

energy consumption.

Design Highlights

• This model adopts newest chain wheel transmission system,all gears are dipped in lubricant which will prolong the life

and reduce noise.

• Traditional adjustment has changed to the gear adjusting which is more stable.

• With removable bronze side shields on top.

• Water temperature indicator can be set in both inlet and outlet to keep stable temperature & good quality.

• The cooling water cycling system and roller heating system can be available as customer request.

Working Principle

The rollers are mounted on an iron frame, who’s center is on the line.

Horizontal or slightly inclined installation is acceptable. It gets the effect of grinding through the surface of the

horizontal three rollers squeezing each other and the friction at different speeds.

The steel drum can be hollow. The material is added between the middle and back rolls.

Because the rotation direction of the three drums is different (the speed increases from the back forward), this produces

a good grinding effect. The material was scraped off by a scraper which is put in front of the preliminary roller.

Generally, the tri-roll mill is made of cold hard alloy cast iron. The surface hardness reaches above HS70°.

The diameter of the roller is high precision ground and the material can be grinded to about 15μm.

It can produce uniform and fine quality products.

Technical Parameter

1. Power: 0.75KW

2. Voltage: 220V/50HZ ( voltage can be customized )

3. Rollers'diameter: 65mm

4. Rollers’ speed: 26/70/145rpm, rollers' length 125mm

5. Rollers’ material: alloy stainless-steel or pottery

6. Transmission ways: by gears

7.  Accessory: with scraping knife

Product Application

This model is suitable to do the materials of viscosity up to 3,000,000 cps.

Production capacity:  for laboratory trials.

It is mainly used for the grinding of various kinds of paints, inks, pigments, plastics, cosmetics, soap, ceramics, rubber

and other liquid and paste materials.