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Name: Lab Planetary Mixer

Category: Lab liquid mixer

Model: KMXJ-5L

Feature: High viscous materials mixer, professional for small batch testing. Running speed is variable, with planet rotation



This mixer is used in laboratory for mixing high viscous materials.

It is for the industries whose production process involve two or more liquids, solids in liquids, ointment to ointment 

and powder to ointment.

With different mixing agitators for optional,such as paddle,twist and butterfly style.

Design Highlights

Mixing workheads and the holding vessel are made of stainless steel which is easily clean.

This lab planetary mixer have models of capacity 2L, 5L &15Liters.

Mixing workheads with three distinct & simultaneous movements:

• The blades'running along with their shafts.

• The scraper's motion along with scraper shaft.

• All mixing heads also follow a complete revolution running.

Working Principle

Lab planetary mixer is composed of decelerating motor, planetary frame, agitator, scraper, bucket, hydraulic lifting 

system, hydraulic extrusion system and frame. When the planetary frame is rotated, the stirring shaft and 

dispersion axis of the box (optional) are driven around the axis of the barrel axis and high-speed autobiographies, 

so that the material is strong shear, kneading, achieving the goal of fully dispersed and mixed; On the planet rack, 

there is a scraper that moves with the planetary frame. 

The wall of the barrel is constantly scraping. The wall of the barrel is refined by the big car, and then polished by 

automatic polishing machine. It ensures that the movable knife on the planet rack will completely scrape off the material 

of the barrel wall when rotating, so that the wall of the bucket will not retain the material and improve the mixing effect. 

After stirring, the extruding system can be moved to the extrusion system to complete the extrusion process.

Technical Parameter

1. Motor:  user can selec SIEMENS or ABB brand.

2. Explosion-proof type mixer is optional.

3. Power: 0.75KW.

4. Power Supply: 380V, 50HZ.

5. Speed Control:  various speed controlling.

6. Revolution Seed: 0-63RPM.

7. Capacity: 5L (2L,15L model is optional).

Product Application

This machine is suitable to do the materials of viscosity up or below 1,000,000 cps.

Production Capacity: this model for lab trials

Applied materials: Suitable for many kinds of vicious chemical products, such as paint and coatings, adhesives, agrochemicals, inks, putty, silicones, glues, sealants, pastes, Dental, --- etc.