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Quality goal:
Zero defects, customer zero complaints.

Quality policy:

Full quality consciousness, strictly implement company’s quality control system, deepen the QC team testing activities to ensure product quality zero defect.

Adhere to " 3N, 4M, 5S " management ways


Do not accept substandard raw materials.

Not processing nonconforming product assembly.

Don't allow nonconforming product output.


Members:  Implementation of the posts and salary, improve front-line staff' enthusiasm for work,quality control&safe production.

Machines:  Fulfil nursing responsibility to keep the machine efficiency, high precision.

Materials:  Deepen QC testing activities to control the quality of each component material,and seek the best raw materials,fully use resources to ensure high performance.

Management ways:  Standard operation procedures, continuous improvement and innovation to realize standardization.


Seiri , Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke.