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Name:Cosmetic Vacuum Homogenizer

Category:Production Line


Feature:This model is for making top grade cream, ointment,cosmetic,shampoo,honey

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This model mainly consists of main reaction-pot, water-phase pot, oil-phase pot, agitators, vacuum system,
electric heating/steam heating system with temperature control and electrical control etc.
It is special equipment for making cosmetic, honey, ointment, shampoo, lotion,--etc.

Design Highlights
• Main pot's lid & stirring system can lift up/fall down.
• The material in water and oil pot will be sucked into main pot.
• It can be heated by electrical heaters with help of heat-conductive medium.
• Temperature can be set and automatically controlled. Material cooling is available.
• Easy to operate.
• There's temperature insulation layer between inner and outer.


1. Sanitary grade of all contacting parts.
2. The scraper structure reduces residuals in the vessel.
3. Whole plant can be fully cutomatic controlled.
4. Hermetical working environment.

 • Cosmetic
 • Shampoo
 • Honey
 • Cream
 • Pharmaceutical ointment
 • Lotion
 • Unguent
 • Detergent
 • Emulsion
 • Washing solution

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