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Name:Resin Production Equipment

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Feature:We design suitable resin whole plant as per customers' process requirements

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Konmix company designs resin production equipment according to customers' process requirement.
We offer scheme of process like raw materials storage, dosing, feeding, finished products' filling,
to integrate a hermetical and automatic complete plant.

Design Highlights
• This equipment's reactor consists of components such as kettle's body, kettle's lid, jacket, mixing agitator,
   driving device, shaft's end seal device, bearing support etc.
• Various seals are available according to different request. Such as: stuffing-seal, mechanical seal.
• The agitators have anchor type, impeller type, turbine type, propeller type or frame type etc.
• If the height and diameter of the kettle are comparatively big, the layers paddle stirrer is advisable.
• Agitators can also be selected and designed according to production processing.


1. Power supply: 380V/50Hz, or according to customer's standard.
2. IPC and touch screen as host computer of the system can be from international famous brand.
3. Contacting parts material: Stainless-steel,
4. Output: 100T/year - 100000T/year
5. Measurement:  with imported weight sensor & flow meter
6. Work platform: with carbon steel platform
7. Programmable logic control (PLC) and analog input modules adopt international famous brands.
8. It has processing unit as the core with compact structure, strong anti-jamming abilities.
9. Whole project is responsible by our project managers, to ensure whole line running regularly.
10. We will also offer maintenance timely for users.

 • Konmix company offers resin plant turn-key project as per customers’ precise process requirements.
 • We integrate every process, such as material storage, dosing, feeding and product conveying,storage and
    filling into a hermetical and automatic complete plant.

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