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Name:Water-based Paint Production Line

Category:Production Line


Feature:We offer turnkey project for water-based coating/paints production industry

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This Production Line mainly includes: dispersing system, milling system, multi-functional mixing system,
filling system, air controlling system, automatic measurement system. 
It works under closed condition to be without dust and to obtain finished products with good quality.
Operation is easy, it satisfies every water-based coating user's technologic requirement.

Design Highlights
• This production line can be customized to adopt advanced production methods such as automatic-
   feeding system, measure system, mixing and grinding system.
• The cleaning system, automatic control system, automatic filling & filter.
• From materials feeding to product packing, the whole process works under closed condition.
• Advanced dispersion and grinding is adopted to realize good fineness to get excellent products.
• The filling machine is also easy to operate and with high accuracy.
• It works fully automatically to reduce the operator labor intensity.
• It also avoids quality problem due to human factors. 

1. Power supply: 380V/50Hz, or according to customer's standard
2. Electrical control components: Imported inverter and components
3. Contacting parts material: Stainless steel
4. Output: 1000T/year - 100000T/year
5. Measurement: With imported weight sensor & flow meter
6. Work platform: With steel platform
7. Use superfine basket mill/bead mill for dispersing and particle size reduction to achieve high efficiency, good fineness, convenient washing and lesser residue.
8. Programmable logic control (PLC) and analog input modules adopt international famous brands. It has processing unit as the core with compact structure, strong anti-jamming abilities as well as great reliability and stability.
9. Whole project is responsible by our project managers, to ensure whole line running regularly. And they will also offer maintenance timely for users.

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