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Name:Resin Equipment (Small Scale)

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Feature:We offer scheme of every process like raw materials storage, dosing, feeding, finished pro...

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We supply suitable resin production equipment according to customers' process request. 
We also offer scheme of each process, such as raw materials' storage, finished products'
conveying, storage and filling, to integrate a hermetical and automatic complete plant.

Design Highlights
• This equipment's reactor consists of components such as kettle's body, kettle's lid, jacket, mixing-
   agitator, driving device, shaft's end seal device, bearing support etc.
• Various seal are available according to requirements, such as stuffing seal, mechanical seal, magnetic seal.
• The agitators have anchor type, impeller type, turbine type, propeller type or frame type ---etc.
• When reactor with big diameter&height, the agitators can be specially designed. 

1. Power supply: 380V/50Hz, or according to customer's standard
2. IPC and touch screen as host computer of the system are all from international famous brand to 
     ensure the control system are reliable.
3. Contacting parts material: Stainless steel
4. Output: 100T/year - 100000T/year
5. Measurement: With imported weight sensor & flow meter
6. Work platform: With steel platform
7. Programmable logic control (PLC) and analog input modules adopt international famous brands. 
8. It has processing unit as the core with compact structure, strong anti-jamming ability.
9. Whole project is responsible by our project manager, to ensure whole line running regularly. 

 • This equipment is mainly used for production resins, such as unsaturated polyester resin,
 • Phenolic resin, epoxy resin, ABS resin etc..

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