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Name:Vessel With Forklift Slot

Category:Tanks & Vessels


Feature:Equip to use with agitator or as a temporary tank,with forklift slots on bottom

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This tank is often used as temporary storage for liquids or powders.
It has forklift slots on bottom, removes easily.

• Inside and outside is mirror polished, easy to clean.
• It can have a lid to avoid materials splashing.
• The lid will avoid the volatilization of solvent materials.
• The bottom with slight slop to empty materials completely.
• Bottom with outlet nozzles.
• It can raise up to a certain height for materials discharging.
• The bottom forklift slots will be convenient to remove.

Technical Parameter:
1. Volume: 2.5 - 2500L (can be customized).
2. Contacting parts’ material: SS304/SS316 stainless-steel.
3. Tank’s bottom can be ellipse dished style or flat style.
4. Accessories: semi-opened lid, Inlet & outlet, sight glass.
5. Tank's wall can be made of 3mm, 4mm or 5mm thickness.

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