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Name:Mixing Kettle

Category:Tanks & Vessels


Feature:Equip to work with agitator or as a temporary vessel,low/high speed mixing

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This tank often works with mixer, mills or emulsifier machine.
It can be used for temporary storage purpose too.
It has brake wheels, removes easily.
Inside and outside is mirror polished, easy to clean.
Cusctomer can select to have a lid to avoid materials splashing out.
The bottom is with slight slop to empty materials completely.
Bottom is with outlet for discharging.
With different capacity models for optional.

Technical Parameter
1. Volume: 2.5 - 2500L (can be customized).
2. Contacting parts’ material : SUS304/SUS316L stainless-steel.
3. Tank’s bottom has forklift groove for lifting up.
4. This tank can raise up to a certain height for materials discharging.
5. Accessories: semi-opened cover, Inlet & outlet, sight-glass.

 • Coatings
 • Paints
 • Dye Stuffs
 • Carbon Dispersions
 • Inks
 • Silicone Coatings
 • Paper Coatings
 • Photographic Inks
 • Pigments
 • Silicones
 • Dispersions
 • Fine chemicals
 • Pesticides

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