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Name:Vessel (With heating or cooling)

Category:Tanks & Vessels


Feature:Kettle with jacket for heating or cooling function

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KFG-D series Heating Reactor includes: vertical installation style and floor-mounted style.
It can be customized with insulation, cooling or heating jacket.
This reactor is also called “ cooked/cooled reactor ”
The reactor’s inner can be equipped with paddle, anchor, or propeller style mixer.
It can made of carbon steel, stainless-steel or other composite materials.
With different volume models for optional.

Technical Parameter
1. Work volume: 10~20000L (can be customized according to requirement).
2. Contacting parts’ material : SUS304/SUS316L stainless-steel.
3. Heating ways: electric heating, steam heating, hot water heating, oil circulation heating.
4. Cooling ways: jacket cooling, interior and exterior limpet coil cooling.
5. Insulation material: cotton insulation / vesicant
7. Installation Type: lug support / landing leg
8. Seal: mechanical seal, packing seal, hermetic seal, rubber lip seal
9. Accessories: with quick opening manhole, valve and outlet, cleaning hole etc.
10. We provide non-standard design.
11. Our R&D center design multiple reactors according to users’ technics need.

• This jacked reaction vessel/tank is widely used in petrochemical, food, pesticides, dyes, pharmaceuticals, 
   fine chemical, paint industry, --- etc.

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