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Name:Basket Mill (Electric Lifiting Up)

Category:Bead Mills


Feature:With electric lifting up function

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Basket Mill is wet grinding machine.
Baset mill has gathered the dispersing & milling two processes into one machine.
Without pump, it realizes one machine to do dispersion & grinding together, with high work efficiency.
This machine will reduce product residues.
With electric driving stand for lifting up/fall down.

Design Highlights
• This model reduces the production procedure.
• Without pump or pipelines, easy to clean.
• Liquid circulation system is generated between upper impeller and toothed dispersing disc.
• The grinding beads are driven by the high-speed rod in basket chamber.
• The beads are high hardness which result in finemilling effect.
• Good milling fineness, high efficiency, and uniform particle distribution are easily achieved.
• Without dead-corner, little residue, and easy to change color or other products.
• It is widely used in paint,coatings, printing ink, pigment, color paste, pesticide,--etc.
• Lifting ways: electric lifting up&down.

1. Motor: connect with frequency inverter.
2. Power: 2.2Kw.
3. Power Supply: 220V, 50HZ,single-phase.
4. Speed Control: frequency inverter.
5. Speed: 0-2880RPM.
6. Capacity: 5~20Liters.
7. The part contacting materials is: SS304 stainless-steel.
8. Height adjustment: by manual or by electric driving.
9. Fittings: with one 20L tank.
10. Tank is made of stainless-steel material.

 • Coatings
 • Paints
 • Dye stuffs
 • Carbon dispersions
 • Printing Inks
 • Paper coatings
 • Pigments
 • Pesticides
 • Lubricant
 • Electronic chemicals
 • Enamel
 • Dispersions
 • Flavors
 • Inks

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