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Introduction of water-base paint


Water based paint is took water as thinner, without solvents, benzene, toluene, xylene, formaldehyde, and free of toxic heavy metals in TDI, non-toxic non-stimulating smell. 

Water base coating is harmless to human, no environmental pollution, its film is plump, translucent, good flexibility and waterproof. It is wear-resistant, aging resistance, yellowing resistance, dry fast, and easy to use . This paint is widely applied in the surface of wood, metal, plastic, glass, and other materials.

At the beginning, water-base paint is not recognized by public, people always have great skepticism on this new product. Initially users often add gasoline, xylene, banana organic and so on solvent in it to cause unnecessary trouble. Until the late 90's, the major foreign brands(mainly water latex paint) have entered China, brought the transfer of technology, investment and other ways, it is gradually accepted by people with its perfect using effect. 

Nowadays people' life and environment are enhanced, along with national environment policy transformation& implementation of sustainable development, water-base paint has smell a breath of spring, and come into a fast developing period.

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