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Paints industry develop quickly in the middle east


London IRL information organization recently released research in the Middle East and non-state industrial coatings market report predicts that between now and 2016, the Middle East paint market will average 4% to 5% pace. Report that compared with the industrial coatings, architectural coatings market is more optimistic about growth prospects, the Middle East will become major paint products market.The Middle East market has become an arena for multinational paint corporations.

Many Middle Eastern countries are developing the local tourism, this will open up new coatings market, and promote architectural coatings, automotive finishes and marine growth in demand for marine coatings. Recently, many chemical and paint companies have turned to the Middle East, including German BASF and Bayer, U.S. Huntsman, Swedish PERSTORP, and Norway’s JOTUN,etc., they substantially increase investment in the Middle East.

Insiders point out that investment in construction is often to stimulate economic growth engine. Survey data show that the Middle East sales of architectural coatings paint in the region 64% of total sales are expected to paint the area in 2014, the market will reach $ 3.8 billion.

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