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♦  Care for every user
Konmix maybe not the biggest equipmnt company, but we service each user with customization.
We cherish every email/call and try to satisfy their unique technics requirement. Wherever you’re from,we will try to offer you best service.

♦  Long history in equipment industry
We have much experience to supply users chemical equipment. Not only a supplier, when start production, we make our mind to become a professional manufacturer.

♦  High quality, Competitive price
Quality is life of a company. Konmix regards product quality as our lives. We develop workers treat each product as an art.We improve our production procedure and offer economic project for users.
Improved quality&reasonable price, why not?

♦  Technical support
We have R&D team who are expert on mechanism,electrics' design and manufacture. Our engineers will share their experience with you. The engineer drawings will help you understand our machine. Contact us today to fulfill your proposal. 

  Fast delivery
When start cooperation,our technical Dep.will confirm drawing details with you timely,and production Dep. will submit schedule in short time.
Every step goes smoothly & scheduledly to keep prompt delivery to our customers.

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