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Paint is a class of liquid or solid material which can form a thin film into the sky protection, decoration or other special features (insulation, rust-proof, mould-proof, heat-resistant,etc.) on the surface under certain conditions.

The early coating mostly with vegetable oil as the main raw material.Now synthetic resin has mostly or all replaced the vegetable oil,so called coatings.Coating has three main roles: to protect, decorate, and to cover up product defects, enhance product value.Coating varieties includes: alkyd paint, acrylic paint, solvent-based acrylic paint, epoxy paint, polyurethane paint, lacquer, amino paint, unsaturated polyester paint, and hydroxybenzene paint,--etc

Konmix has many years experience of providing mechanical and electrical equipment for paint production. We have provided dispersing, grinding, mixing and other non-standard customized equipment and complete production line many famous enterprises. Our technical staff can design for customers according to their technologic needs and the actual situation of the workshop, accomplish "customized turn-key project ".


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